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Yoga has had a profound impact on my personal growth, boosting my self-love, self-awareness, and self-confidence. I absolutely love sharing these skills with kids, making mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotional smarts fun and interactive. It's pure joy watching these young yogis grow stronger, both in body and mind, as they get in touch with their inner zen. Teaching kids' yoga keeps reminding me of the power of patience and empathy. Each class is a fresh adventure, as I adapt my teaching to match the unique vibes and needs of each child, and I'm continually learning from these little yoga gurus.

I am looking forward to moving with you and your little ones!

Where Are You From:

Usinsk, Russia

Things I love:

Being in nature and connecting with it in different ways;

hiking + scuba diving to name a few..

Getting to know myself better.

Mountains + water. Especially together.

Favorite Movement/Pose:

Savasana. That sweet feeling of aliveness after the practice

when every cell of your body is vibrant.


BA in Marketing and Business Studies, UK

Yoga Alliance: 200-hour RYT, US

Welcome Back Home: Mindfulness & Meditation Coach Training, 270 hours online



I am Jerika and I am the creator of True Roots. This program was born out of my love for teaching; my passion for yoga, movement and nature; and my dedication to finding the voice of the shy, keep-my-feelings-to-myself, people pleasing little girl I once was. Towards the latter part of my 10 years in early education I took my first yoga class and immediately thought, why aren't we practicing this with kids? The poses are all nature, animal and shapes based-- a specialty of children, and the breath! Such an accessible and perhaps most useful tool when it comes to expressing and regulating feelings and emotions.  So here we are, doing yoga, movement, mindfulness and art in nature as we navigate our everyday emotions, feelings, and interactions with one another in our everyday lives.

I am looking forward to moving with you and your little ones!

Where Are You From:

SF Bay Area, CA

Things I love:

Exploring life with my growing family.

The ocean.

Moving my body in different ways.

Favorite Movement/Pose:

Waterfall (forward fold) to woosh out the icky feelings


BA in Childhood and Adolescent Development

MA in Early Childhood Education

Yoga Alliance: 200-hour CYT

B4C Wellness Champion

Yoga Alliance: Children's Yoga Certification

Yoga Alliance: Prenatal Yoga Certification

Mindful Schools: Mindfulness Fundamentals

Mindful Schools: Mindful Education Essentials Course

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