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I enthusiastically recommend Jerika as a yoga teacher for any child!


Children seem to really love her classes and always looks forward to them.  Jerika always has a smile and a sunny disposition, something that the children reflect back, enhancing their experience in the class.  


More importantly, Jerika is highly knowledgable in all aspects of yoga, is an excellent teacher, and is terrific with kids.  My daughter is learning an enormous amount about yoga, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others outside class. I have seen her demonstrating yoga positions and breathing exercises to other kids and to adults.  


I am so happy we found Jerika and my daughter has had the opportunity to take her classes.  I think almost any child would enjoy it and gain greatly from it.

Dan G.

My son started doing yoga with Jerika when he was 4. Jerika is engaging, kind and amazing at getting the kids to have fun while learning yoga. Being  a very active toddler it was great to watch my son develop body awareness, build concentration and learn to be mindful.
Yoga makes my son feel strong and teaches him how to use his body in a healthy way. I have seen how excited he gets when he learns a new pose and how proud he is  to show it off. Most of all he really enjoys the class with Jerika and looks forward to it.

Natasha M.

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We have known Jerika as both our daughter's pre-school teacher and yoga instructor. We cannot say enough about Jerika and her ability to teach, inspire, and calm our young daughter. Ellie is usually a ball of energy and in yoga class we are always amazed how Jerika is able to focus our daughter's energy into deep breaths and yoga poses with ease.

Kat J.

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