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In our digital, and fast paced world, True Roots Family Yoga aims to empower children through love, allowing space for exploration and growth, and resources to cultivate a nourished mind and body. We use yoga and movement as a means to express and learn about our ever changing and complex emotions and how they manifest within our bodies. To help children accept and process emotions we introduce mindfulness and breath work as the foundation to start learning about and understanding their body and mind.


In our today's society, there are too many stories of division and hatred. We believe that if we can be compassionate and loving to ourselves, we can then see others in the same light. From this space of compassion and love, there are more possibilities for creativity and collaboration. We believe self-love, confidence, kindness and emotional literacy is learned at birth and the time to start educating youth and teens is now.


True Roots Family Yoga was created to explore with children and their families as they create and find their foundation of who they are, how to navigate relationships with others how to work through feelings, emotions, and stress in a safe and healthy way. The core components of our curriculum are yoga, movement, mindfulness, art, journaling and nature connection

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At True Roots Family Yoga (TRFY) we use movement, mindfulness, art, journaling and nature connection to experience yoga. Yoga means to yoke; to bring together, unite, connect. Yoke or connect the mind, body, feelings and emotions, instead of keeping them separate. When we understand our own mind/body and understand feelings and emotions, we can better understand and know ourselves. With this sense of self, we can then build empathy and healthy/safe connections with ourselves, one another, and our one precious earth.



As children get older and focus becomes more on academics and studies, we forget how much we need to move the body. At TRFY we look at movement as a vehicle for expressing, flushing out and self-regulating the mind and body. Building strength in the body and core is of major focus as we work with many young children seeking to build gross motor skills. Skills such as coordination, bilateral moment and balance are all important skills in building their spacial awareness. Movement is also used as a means for creating and storytelling as we get into our bodies, embrace nature and it animals and move through yoga adventures. 


Although the word mindfulness has many meditative like associations with it, mindfulness simply means to be aware and to pay attention to what is happening right now in the present moment. We use many breathing strategies, learn about affirmations and practice the art of slowing down to listen. These skills are practiced to to cultivate a resilient heart, mind, and body.



We look to art and journaling as a means of expression and slowing things down. As young as 2 years old, we encourage taking about, reflecting, and scribbling out their stories and words. Upon registering for a class or camp, each child receives a journal with distinct curriculum for their age group. 


Somewhere along the line, we forget how truly and deeply connected we are with nature. Like the plants and trees, we yearn for the sun. Like the waves, we ebb and flow; through different feeling and emotions. Like the moon, we are continuously going through phases, never stagnant always changing. A fellow teacher and mentor of mine (Hi Alison!) always says, "We are more like trees, lees like Toyotas." It is in nature that we can be free, explore, wander, be curious, and learn so much about ourselves at the same time.



Perhaps the most important element.Without family or community, we can feel isolated and alone. But with TRFY you don't have to. When you register your chid for a class, each week you will receive a newsletter recapping the topics we explored for the week as well as tips and tricks, strategies and tools you can practice at home. Beginning in Fall 2021, we will be hosting what we hope to be bi-monthly workshops where we can connect, explore, grow and play as a community. We are much more powerful as a family, as a community, and together we can be there for one another as we share our successes, struggles, and stories.  

Benefits of True Roots Family Yoga Classes

+ cultivate kindness towards ones-self and others

+ enhances memory and cognitive function

+ increases self-confidence

+ invites self-reflection

+ proven to help lower stress and anxiety

+ expand vocabulary around emotions

+ develops self control and body space awareness in relation to others

+ builds strength and coordination

+ provides a relaxing, non-competitive, and non-judgmental practice

+ enhances flexibility and allows for proper muscle recovery from high impact sports

+ creates connection to the greater world

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