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Mindful May

HWY is excited to announce our first ever Mindful May. Each week we will move through a fun, energizing and thought provoking yoga adventure. Each day, we will introduce a new mindfulness practice ultimately introducing 15 mindfulness techniques in one month!

Week 1: May 11-15

Yoga Story: Under Water Adventure

Day 1: Gratitude

Day 2: Mindful Listening: Bell

Day 3: Kindness

Day 4: Mindful Breathing: Breathing Ball

Day 5: How are you feeling: Weather Report

Week 2: May 18-22

Yoga Story: Jungle Adventure

Day 6: Mindfulness Jar

Day 7: Rainbow Breath

Day 8: Starfish Breath

Day 9: Mindful Listening: Nature Sounds

Day 10: Warrior of Love

Week 3: May 25-29

Yoga Story: Super Hero Yoga

Day 11: Peaceful Place

Day 12: Body Scan

Day 13: Power Pose

Day 14: Super Powers: Affirmations

Day 15: Self-Love

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